The SAT Is Not Exactly What You Think It Is …nor is the ACT

The SAT and ACT are not the tests you think they are. I believe every student under-performs on these tests, whether they’re the school valedictorian or the starting defensive tackle. It’s because kids treat the them like they do every other test by studying hard, memorizing stuff, and looking for right answers.

They don’t realize they’re studying all the wrong things, memorizing stuff that’s never going to be needed, and failing to understand that looking for wrong answers can sometimes be easier than hopelessly looking for the right one. And as a result, a student with an excellent GPA gets a score that’s far below what was expected.


The Reason?

The SAT is UNLIKE other tests, including the ACT, although from far away they seem identical.  The SAT is primarily reasoning-based; the ACT is more curriculum-based.  The SAT is not designed to assess what you’ve learned through your high school years; it’s more like a series of puzzles based on math, reading, and writing knowledge and skills. The ACT is designed to reveal how well — and to what degree — you’ve learned your high school skills.


What are they really looking to assess?
Simply this … “How much can we mess with you until you give up!”


That’s It in a Nutshell, but why?

Colleges and universities can’t trust GPAs as much anymore, and are eager for standardized tests that will reveal a student’s ability to figure things out from a limited amount of information, and to assess whether they’ve been taught that information in the first place. You know, a skill that pretty much everyone needs for the remainder of their lives.

The college life, and success within it, often depends on how well a young man or woman can adjust to different environments and requirements. GPA’s don’t tell the whole story. Of course, neither do the SAT and the ACT. But guess what? They’re not going away any time soon, and your student’s future depends heavily on them. Ouch! And plenty of scholarship money depends on them too. Double ouch!


This is Where I Can Help

My programs are so much better than other courses out there. Why, you may ask? Simple, the others are focusing on the wrong things, often trying to reinforce what your child has already learned. Not only is that ineffective, but it misses the main reason your child will under-perform. The SAT and ACT are messing with them, taking simple concepts and twisting them into confusing forms. They’re messing with ‘em!


Why Two Different Programs?

The closer you look, the more different they appear.  Both tests have four multiple choices sections.  Both have Math, Reading, and Writing.  Both have optional Essays.  Both are timed; ACT at 2:55, SAT at 3:00.  Yet, the ACT has 215 questions and the SAT only 154.  That’s 61 more ACT questions in 5 minutes LESS time than the SAT gives you for 154.  They CAN’T be asking the same stuff!

I show the kids EXACTLY how they’re getting messed with. I give them simple, easy-to-understand strategies that empower them to effectively wage battle against everything the SAT and ACT test-makers have to offer, from those horribly boring SAT Reading passages to the almost incomprehensible ACT Science questions to the stark differences in the Essay task on each test.

These tests are trying to mess with your kid!

I help them fight back. And I make it fun – and fast! Believe me, there’s not a kid on planet Earth who thinks my classes are boring.



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