What the Other SAT Classes Won't Tell You

The SAT is UNLIKE other tests, including the ACT. It’s not designed to assess what you’ve learned through your high school years; it’s more like a series of puzzles based on math, reading, and writing knowledge and skills.


My son and his friends on the football team were bummed that us parents had signed them up for an SAT class. But Mr. I was, in their words “awesome!

Lori Gunn Parent, Fleming Island

The kids really embrace Mister I’s style.  His programs for the SAT and ACT are the only ones I’ll have on campus.

Dr. Clay Carmichael Principal, Pedro Menendez HS

Ralf is an inspiring teacher. My daughter’s score went up 220 points! My son’s going to take the class this fall.

Veronica Thompson Mom, Bolles School

After the classes I didn’t feel anxious about the test anymore. I knew what I was up against and what to expect. Went up 180 points. Thank you Mr. I!

Noah K Student, St. Augustine HS

I scored over 2100 — BEFORE I took the class.  Then I scored a 2370! Thank you Mr. I for helping me see the questions for what they really are — a series of puzzles — and also for making me laugh a lot!

Diksha B Student, Nease HS

Ralf’s style and approach to SAT prep is EXACTLY what our students need to overcome test fears.  He  shows them how to excel under pressure, to realize and then take advantage of the patterns of the test

Jerry Buckley Guidance Chair, Bishop Kenny HS Jacksonville